Helping companies with the challenges of tomorrow

SB Development supports the human and economic development of your company by activating powerful levers for individual and collective success:

Our activities:


We support you in your strategic thinking, in the management of your change, in your operational efficiency and in your economic development.

Coaching / Mentoring

We enable you to make the most of the individual and collective human potential in your company.


We offer training for employees and managers to develop their interpersonal skills and contribute to the success of the company.

Our approach

We build with you a tailor-made support programme, adapted to your context and taking into account your company’s culture

1- Listening and diagnosis

We listen to you to understand your context, your needs and your priorities.
We share the diagnosis of the current situation and establish the issues at stake in relation to the desired future situation.


2- Co-construction of our intervention proposal

By combining your needs, the conclusions of the diagnostic phase and our 7 modules of expertise, we draw up with you the list of actions to be implemented and the associated action plan.


3- Implementation

With your active contribution we implement the validated action plan. Regular milestones are set to ensure that the approach is well understood and appropriate for all the actors of the change.


4- Follow-up of our intervention

We propose a follow-up of the implemented solutions in order to validate their relevance and to ensure that their effects are sustainable.

Your needs

SB Development offers you support in three areas:


The evolution of the competition, the gradual obsolescence of your offer (products/services), the profound changes that impact your ecosystem force you to rethink the fundamentals of your activity, at the risk of questioning the very existence of your company.


Your business is well established, your market share is stable and your customers are loyal. However, the constant need to develop new offers calls into question your ability to generate sufficient profit to maintain your level of investment and innovation over the medium/long term.


You have the ambition to grow your business by using internal and/or external growth levers. You wish to identify potential in areas related to your core business in order to diversify your sources of income and limit the risks associated with the economic climate.

Our tool

Notre intervention est structurée autour de 7 modules qui s’adaptent à votre problématique et à vos priorités

Our guarantees of professionalism